Brain Health Audiobook App

Brain Health Audibook is a three hour audio presentation for your Kindle or Android that reviews brain enhancement strategies.

Although this information is not presented by a medical practitioner and is for educational and informational purposes only, you'll discover multiple strategies that are discussed for optimizing brain health and brain fitness. Watch the 15 second video.

Audio segments are conveniently presented in 15 minute sections. You can listen to the 12 chapters by topic in any order you choose.

Topics include How to reduce stress, finding brain health fitness solutions, the role of music in promoting relaxation, public reaction to brain health strategies, and discoveries made by scientists in the fields of brain growth, aging, and regeneration.

The debate about the use of machinery as it applies to brain health and fitness is examined as well as how scientists respond to skeptics.

You'll hear about brain health and the process of brain fitness as it relates to artistic creativity. One chapter reviews how the brain responds to different changes including aging.

Learn how brain fitness software featuring neuro feedback solutions promotes learning and relaxation.

"At over three hours long this app has tons of useful and practical information on increasing brain health and fitness. I did not expect to find so much information in one place.

I like that the app uses easy to understand language to present the theories, and that the audio portion is extremely clear and sounds professional.

This app is divided into many short chapters, and you listen to the chapters in the order you choose. I've had this one for less than a day, so I chose the section on using music to enhance brain health first, as I also use music for my meditations."