Word Sprinters Game App

Word Sprinters is a cyber foot racing game. Your green hero dashes from letter to letter to complete a word before your red opponent scores.

Word Sprinters don't dance in the street or sprint in a track meet. They are cyber athletes who compete in an arena completing words by running over letters with their feet.

The goal of the game is to have some fun.

Get into the Word Sprinters game, an endless cyber foot race between you, runner green, and your opponent, runner red.

Race from letter to letter and complete the words to score. There are well over 400 levels in the game.

Turn the background music on or off. Turn the sound effect clips on or off. There is a quick in-menu tutorial so you can jump right in. Basically, you just drag the green runner across the game screen to victory.

Word games to play on your mobile phone or tablet should be very entertaining. That’s why our Word Sprinters do a victory dance when they score!

Try this word game download. The vocabulary in the app is well researched and appropriate for most English readers from younger to adult.

Word Sprinters are Spelling Runners.

"Fantastic idea and beautiful graphics! Congratulations!"

Francesco Miscia

"Amazing cyber foot race game app. Good design and graphics."

Media Expert

"A beautiful game, super enjoyable. It is also great that it has little ads, it allows you to play more fluidly!"

Jorge Sanabria

"Very cool this app"

Rodrigo Chaves