Superhero Flyer Game App

Superhero Flyers are here to save the city from robotic rockets launched from far, far away. You’ll need some skill to keep the flyers sky-high to avoid a super quick elimination in this action scrolling thrill ride.

Our five game heroes have powers and abilities to send the rockets tumbling to the ground. You'll discover the talent of each flyer very quickly. There's Scout, Blue, Bambi, Trax, and Thump.

As the game continues, each level gets harder. On one high level, the weather gets nasty, so stay alert. Get all the way to level 8 for fastest play and a flurry of action.

Superhero Flyers is a lot of fun. If you are really adventurous, you can launch multiple flyers at the same time. Get your fingers ready to bounce. Balloons, drones and wind-socks supply the power-ups. Unfortunately when the game gets harder, well trained eagles take out the drones so you'll have to score quickly!

This game was developed by Quikthinking Software. It's time to take out all of the demonic rockets with a blast before it's too late.

Superhero Flyer will capture your imagination, steady your ability to concentrate, and deliver lots of fun and entertainment.

"Superheros Matter"

Hugh Smith