Quit Smoking Audio Book App

Quit Smoking Audio Book app for iPhone, Android or Kindle includes 25 chapters reviewing strategies and tactics for approaching the task of finally kicking the habit.

You can listen to the chapters in any order you choose, pause sections, replay and review, or listen to the chapters play back-to-back automatically.

Watch the short video to hear a sample of the audio presentation.

Simple steps are presented to help you manage the process of getting to a no smoking lifestyle. Although this information is not presented by a medical practitioner and is for educational and informational purposes only, you'll benefit from the guidance this well researched audio book has to offer for meeting the challenge of quitting tobacco.

Throughout the audio chapters an emphasis is placed on how you can convince yourself to make the changes to be successful quitting cigarettes.

Multiple approaches to stop smoking are clearly discussed. Failure is honestly confronted.

You’ll want to listen to multiple chapters in the audio book repeatedly to reinforce the positive aspects of every idea that is covered.

Tips to stop smoking are presented together with alternative behaviors you can embrace during the withdrawal period. The dangers of nicotine, second-hand smoke, and the impact on heart health are all covered serving as stark reminders if you aren’t already convinced or aware of the damaging effects of cigarette usage.

"I thought the information was quite valuable. Now I just have to follow through and take action. The audio was professionally recorded and the app is extremely easy to use on my phone.

Some of the stop smoking tips are things I've never considered. Will listen to several of the chapters again to give me more motivation to finally quit. The Quit Smoking Audio Book was true value for money and provided all the necessary support for me to make the right decision.

I recommend this to anyone who wants to quit smoking."

Sam Roberts