Alien vs Astronaut

Alien vs Astronaut is a blast! The game play moves quickly while the alien travels through space. His flying saucer speeds up the more you score, so get ready to move your fingers rapidly to catch the ship.

Think it's too easy? Just wait until a second decoy alien craft teases you without allowing you to intercept it or to score (in normal mode).

Designed specifically for 10 inch tablets, 7 inch tablets, plus smart phones and looks terrific on all three Android screens.

There are two modes of action:

  1. Easy with no limitations or decoy. Play continues until you decide to stop. Easy mode allows you to change the game speed yourself.
  2. Normal mode gets progressively harder automatically, increasing the Alien's speed. Touch the astronaut, lose 10 seconds of gameplay up to three times or you're out! Touch the meteor, lose 10 seconds of gameplay.

Alien vs Astronaut is perfect for all ages. Normal mode gives you 2 minutes to get your high score! We left in the fun, and left out 3rd party ads or in-app purchases.

"This is a fun little game that's a bit like fruit ninja. Tap on one thing, avoid other things.

Normal mode gets really fast and you get into a kind of zen rhythm. Game timer is 2 minutes, so it's great to whip out when you're waiting for a bus or something like that. And you can't beat free.

No micro-transactions, no special permissions, just a free game."