Alien vs Astronaut App

Alien vs Astronaut 2 - Alien Revenge continues the action where the original Alien vs Astronaut game (see the video below) concluded. A new alien armada arrives. Can their fleet handle the mission? Our astronaut powers-up to take on the assignment! New multiple levels have been added. This game is fun for all ages.

Here's how the original game looked from 2014 - 2016! The comment from David is about the original game.

"This is a fun little game that's a bit like fruit ninja. Tap on one thing, avoid other things.

Normal mode gets really fast and you get into a kind of zen rhythm. Game timer is 2 minutes, so it's great to whip out when you're waiting for a bus or something like that. And you can't beat free.

No micro-transactions, no special permissions, just a free game."