Backpack Bounce Match 3 Game App

Backpack Bounce Match 3. Endless fun right now!

This match 3 game challenges you to pump up your high score within the time limit.

Backpack Bounce v3.1, new for 2021 (iPhone) and for Android since 2016 gives you a casual game for cool recreational casual play wherever you are. There are 20 different levels for you to play in any order.

Bombs boost your score. The "badbackpack" can't be matched but gives you wildcard matches.

Backpack Bounce is very easy to play. Swipe the backpack to make your matches of 3 or more. See in-game info for super tips.

Turn the music on or off. Adjust the music volume in the game. Turn sound effects on or off.

These backpacks are loaded for fun. Backpack Bounce Match 3 gets your backpack party going without a load on your back.

"Just starting, but so far, I'm loving it. Fun game!"

Harper Emy

"Absolutely love it"

Carroll Khouri

"The game is very nice, good pastime!"

Adriano Ferraro

"Excellent game."

Mcknight Mattison