Backpack Bounce Game

Backpack Bounce is 3 games. Match, crush, and shooter. Endless fun right now! All of the game characters are backpacks, old school and new school. Tap the game you want to play, and you're on your way to maximum entertainment.

Use twin controls for the backpack shooter to eliminate the aggressive red backpacks flying into intercept the bronzed backpack hero.

The match 3 styled crush game challenges you within 2 minutes to pump up your high score.

Backpack Bounce gives you three casual games for cool recreational casual play.

These backpacks are loaded for fun. They all look great on phones, seven inch tablets (177.8 millimeter), and ten inch tablets (254 millimeter). Get your backpack party going without a load on your back.

"The games are very nice, good pastime!"

Adriano Ferraro