Black History Quiz App

Black History Quiz Deluxe for Android or Kindle is an excellent fact based trivia game for inspiration about people, movements, and pioneers.

We don't distract you with bells, whistles, and score cards. Choose the correct answer to each multiple choice question. The app keeps you in the question until you select the right answer.

Use Black History Quiz as a drill to become more familiar with African American achievers. All questions are generated at random so you may never exhaust the supply interesting topics. A must have for Black History Month.

Get ready to have some fun!

"Black History Quiz is very educational. The app contains multiple choice questions about important African American people who have made noteworthy contributions to the United States.

The app is very easy to navigate and is perfect for teaching elementary and middle school students about Black History. I would highly recommend this app to anyone with children in that age range."

Sharon E. Smoot