Banana Bear Shuffle Game App

Banana Bear Shuffle (Game Sunset in 2022) is a go bananas game with a bear who loves fruit and dancing. Banana Bear Shuffle is a quick hustle for a cuddly cub.

In our tropical paradise, jumping bananas don't fall far from the banana tree. Thank goodness there is an endless supply of treats raining down for the crafty banana bear who shuffles back and forth to catch the curved yellow fruit.

Help the adorable bear in this jumping banana game catch as many bananas as possible. Don't leave too many bananas bouncing around or its game over. There is a bouncing banana limit, but there is no time limit so keep scoring by filling the bear basket. This bear works for bananas.

Banana Bear Shuffle plays like an easy banana game, but it's a challenge. See how many bananas you can help the bear score. See how many points you can score. This bear loves the fruit, so hoarding a large supply is a must. You'll love the fancy footwork as the bear slides step by step to fill the bear basket. You control the bear movement in this game.

You'll laugh as this talented fleet footed bear puts a smile on your face in this fun filled casual game. How do we know the bear is talented? Like a person, the bear only needs two legs to tango. Yes, a well-trained animal.

Banana Bear Shuffle slides along with cool music and sound effects that you can turn on or off. Go for it. It's banana party time.

"So silly I love it but it is tough to get all the bananas! Nice bear."

Anita Jones