Spaceship Match 3 Game App

Spacehip Match 3 moves along with lots of fun. Touch all of the spaceships that match while they drop into view so you can score big.

Select two, three, four or more ships next to each other to improve your score. Eliminate a large number of spaceships at one time to really power-up your score. Want to pile on the points non-stop? Use fingers on each hand to score faster. When the game loads, touch the picture with the spaceships to start, or touch Start Game.

On the options screen, you can turn the music, sound effects, or both on and off independently. Play with any sound combination on or off. There are a couple of different music tracks, so pick the one you want, or switch back and forth depending on your mood. Spaceship Match 3 game runs smoothly on your phone or tablet. The spaceships glide away when they pop off of your screen after you score. Your challenge is to push the score up to or above 1,000 points.

This spaceship match challenge is perfect for adults, teens, or kids 8 and up. You'll love the casual action. Get going with this cool spaceship game and beat your high score now!

"Fun little spaceship game. It's simple but enjoyable to play."

Joe Willmott